The Humane Experience

A healing conversation about kindness and cruelty

Humane: Definition

hu·​mane | \ hyü-ˈmān , yü- \

Definition of humane

1: marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals

  • humane prison guards
  • a more humane way of treating farm animals

2: characterized by or tending to broad humanistic culture : HUMANISTIC

  • humane studies

Other Words from humane

humanely adverb
humaneness noun

Synonyms & Antonyms for humane


  • beneficent, benevolent, benignant, compassionate, good-hearted, kind, kindhearted, kindly, softhearted, sympathetic, tender, tenderhearted, warmhearted


  • atrocious, barbaric, barbarous, bestial, brutal, brute, brutish, callous, cold-blooded, cruel, fiendish, hard-hearted, heartless, inhuman, inhumane, insensate, sadistic, savage, truculent, uncompassionate, unfeeling, unkind, unkindly, unsympathetic, vicious, wanton


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